Back again :)

May 18, 2008

Okay guys, I am back again ( Nite outs can really get boring 😦 ).Since , I have nothing to talk about, I will talk about myself and my second year at IIIT-H (Don’t worry, its not that boring 😀 and I would keep it very short).

As this year began , I was quite excited ( Why ? Obviously, third sem is the easiest one, hence excited at the prospect of having a lot of rest ), but turned out that it wasn’t ; on the contrary, a busy one for me atleast.  Listed below are some of the milestones achieved by me this year :-


  • Participated in my first ACM Regionals (Kanpur). As always , JUST missed out on a chance of participating in World Finals.
  • Won in many programming contests ( with decent amount of cash 😉 ).
  • Organized first international event of my life ( CodeCraft : and Mathematika : ) .
  • Improved rating on Topcoder ( AnshAryan ) ( though had to move away from spoj ). Began with projecteuler ( Number Theory 😀 ).


  • Watched lots ( I really mean it ) of Movies and TV shows.
  • Had the experience of sleeping at every part of day and night ( had really awful schedule in the third sem , and having it again 😦 ) . I remember sleeping in PK Reddy’s class on the first seat ( Not my fault you see. I did a nite out and with the ways of his, I couldn’t help ).
  • Got to meet few of my ideals ( in programming ) at ACMs.
  • Managed another year with CG above 9.
  • Skipped Midsems ( that really felt awesome ) ( don’t take it the wrong way, It was kind of officially approved bunking 😉 ).

Okay , thats it. No more of this junk.


Jawahar VS Kamal – No offence

June 21, 2007

The primary course in first sem that introduces Computer science to CSE students is undoubtedly C programming and no one in my knowledge would deny this fact. For two years , this course has been taken by Prof. C.V.Jawahar, a person whom I admire from the bottom of my heart. I dont know about others but I beleive that this man sets up a perfect base for programming at IIIT.

Now, some days back, somebody told me that Prof. Kamal is going to replace Prof. Jawahar fro this course. I dont know about the truth of this news.[With the way IIIT admin has been going on with its decisions, may be its true]. I dont know what’s the reason behind this; may be he himself might have set his foot down. I dont know how good a professor Kamal is. But I know one thing for sure, there is no replacement for Prof. Jawahar and in my opinion, he should teach this course, come what may……..

Waiting 4 ur comments…..


June 21, 2007

Well, actually getting into IIIT and then passing out first year successfully itself is an achievement in itself but here I actually want to mention some apart from these:

1) Gaganpreet: Popularly known as “Hackpreet”. Been busy with things I hardly understand.A linux bond.

2) Rajat Goel:   No comments. This man possesses knowledge of almost every field related to C.S.

3) Himanshu Singh: The popular C.R. . Certainly the best leadership quality one can find in a batchmate. Been working a lot on site-development. Had also put a Physics project on show at R & D showcase. A big achievement. Hope u continue.

4) Siddharth and Co. : Been working on site development and they possess far better knowledge on the subject than any other guy in UG1.

5) Gaurav Agarwal and me: coding geeks. Spoiled our second sem after coding. Certainly learned a lot. We possess an under 50 world rank in spoj.

ps: Just figured out that Prateep’s been doing well too.

6) Sanrag,Prakhar,Prashant,Vinushree,etc. : People very very consistent with Academic material and naturally 9 pointers.

ps: for other 9 pointers: etc. is meant 4 u. 🙂

7) Jairaj Bhattacharya: Well, this man has been after Robotics like anything and no doubt he has some fine achievements under his belt at this moment. I am sure he will do far better in the future.

8 ) Amlendu, Anushray and Co. : People who lead from the front.

9) Avi,Manish,Ejaz,etc. : They have been able to carve a special place for themselves in college cricket right in first year. Hats off to them.

10) Hitesh : The Gaming bond. 🙂

11) Sunanda : The Poet Engineer.

12) Srijan,Sahil : the established fatta kings of IIIT.

      ps: I dont know how i missed out on their names.

    There are , I am sure , numerous names on which I have missed out. If u can think of any one please inform me , I will try to include those names as well.



June 21, 2007

When you just have been through the agony or joy(subjective) of receiving your entrance examination results,the next thing that haunts you is admissions. An ordinary person through this procedure finds “Rankings” his best mate to guide him through but the question here is how reliable are these rankings?

                        Some days back, I was going through outlook rankings. There IIIT Hyderabad was placed at 24th position and most surprisingly, Jadavpur University, a brand new name to me, appeared at a far better position in the ranklist.

Enumerated below are some points which none can justify:

1) Jadavpur University at 11th position.

2)IIT kanpur and Kharagpur ahead of IIT Pawai.

3) NIT Warangal ahead of NIT Trichy.

4) MANIT, Motilal Nehru, PSG college,etc. ahead of one of the best college of AIEEE.

As far as India Today ranking is concerned, it fails to convince atleast me.Well, I dont know about other institutes but IIIT surely deserves better than 14,doesnt it? [I am only referring to academics, not the admin 😉 ].

You may feel that I am a little biased towards IIIT. Well, infact I am and I have genuine reasons for it. I am enumerating a few below:

1) The college has one of the best course curricula in India.[This fact has been approved by many IIT Prof.]

2) IIIT also possesses one of the best faculty[barring a few]. Almost everyone is Phd. from nations best colleges and world class colleges.

3) Placements in IIIT : u better check it on .

4) Students: Well, Students with top rank in AIEEE without RESERVATION are part of IIIT.

@Raghavendra: Sure, as u say Jadavpur Univerity would be a good college, but would u still rank it above IIIT and that too with such a huge gap.

Recently, I heard about NASSCOMM ranking but as yet , I am unable to find ranking for this year on net. If you do, please do inform me.

Hello world!

June 20, 2007

Summer vacations are about to end and I must admit that this one has been one of the most boring ones with friends busy finding a suitable institute for themselves. As such here I am seeking some kind of entertainment through blogging. 🙂